In The Heritage Trunk: Rasna Bhasin's Edit

In The Heritage Trunk: Rasna Bhasin's Edit - Singhania's

The Story 

Belonging to a joint family has its own perks. I headed the army of cousins that later followed, but I was the first of my generation. The first child is the most pampered, if you are in a big Punjabi family. My aunts, uncles, grandparents, and literally everyone showered me with love and adulation. There was never a day that went without some happy occasion. I was practically raised by my Dadi (Paternal Grandmother). She took me along everywhere, be it to her fancy kitty parties or her shopping visits or friend’s events - I was her constant. The gurdwara trips meant ice creams and loads of friendly banter. She shared every little detail with me, she is my biggest supporter and my biggest admirer.


Down the memory lane

Surrounded by strong feminine energy is the biggest blessing. My Mother, My Nani who was an Army wife, My Aunt who was a teacher, and every woman in my family shaped my mind. Both my grandmother and great grandma lived a very colourful life. They had stories from their travel days. From Kuwait, Iran, and then New Delhi - They had the best tales that made my life a box of rich memories.


The Heritage Trunk


The necklace with the Queen’s face pendant comes from my mother’s side of the family. It has travelled from my mother’s great grandmother to her grandmother, and then to her mother. My grandmother gifted it to me. It holds all their strength and so much of their unconditional love.


The phiroza comes from Dadi’s side of the family. It was a part of her trousseau - since she grew up in Tehran, Iran - it carries a sense of Persian heritage and has been a piece that I have always eyed from her collection.


The third is a photograph of me and my Dadi. My grandmother will always remain one of the strongest inspirations in my life - she was bold, independent and strong. Loyal and fiercely protective of her loved ones, she also taught me early only that self respect was the only thing that needed to be earned - and to treat others with kindness at all times. 


A favourite craft!


Patolas are my favourite. My grandmother gifted a few of her Patolas for me but I have yet to wear them - so I immensely enjoyed wearing this one and just having fun. Another one that I really am fond of is Silk, the soft kind. I love how it falls and drapes and is always such a joy to wear a sari. 


Rasna X Singhania's


My personal style is super normcore - classic and non fussy. I personally prioritise comfort first but also there needs to be a single statement piece. I have paired the gorgeous black and gold sari with the gold and pearl neckpiece with just a few bangles and a bindi. I also like to wear my saris the classic way. Blouses that fit well but don’t steal the show from the saris. 


Words & Pictures by Rasna Bhasin.