Divine Drapes: Graceful Sarees for Auspicious Mahashivratri

Divine Drapes: Graceful Sarees for Auspicious Mahashivratri


Mahashivratri, the grand night of revering Lord Shiva, occurs on the 13th night and 14th day of each lunar month. But once a year, the Mahashivratri festival honors the convergence of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. On this spiritually significant occasion, adorning yourself in an exquisite saree can uplift both inner and outer beauty.

At Singhania's, we believe a shivratri saree look worn on Mahashivratri should resonate with the festival's sacredness. Our thoughtfully curated edit features divine colors, designs and styles that let you honor Lord Shiva in signature elegance. Read on for sartorial inspiration and our tips for celebrating Mahashivratri in Singhania's shivratri saree.


Color Symbolism for Mahashivratri Sarees


Specific colors are linked with the celestial festival of Mahashivratri and its spiritual essence. When selecting a saree or dress for shivratri, consider shivratri saree color traditionally associated with Lord Shiva:

  • White: Symbolizes purity and innocence, virtues of the divine.
  • Sky blue: Represents calmness, infinity and ascetic nature of Lord Shiva.
  • Royal blue: Associated with depth, stability and expansive consciousness.
  • Golden Yellow: Epitomizes enlightenment, prosperity and solar energy

Ivory, cream and beige also make meditative Mahashivratri saree choices. Accent with navy blue or wine maroon for a sophisticated look. Most importantly, pick a Singhania's shivratri special saree in a color that channels the sublime mood of this occasion.


Shivratri Saree Lookbook


This Mahashivratri, complement your saree's divine grace with thoughtful accessories and styling. Here are some ideas from Singhania's lookbook that you can follow:

  • A pristine white saree with minimal golden temple jewellery reflects purity. Wear hair up and accent with a yellow genda phool.
  • A royal blue Banarasi silk saree with intricate zari work is offset beautifully with a matte gold choker and purple flowers in a low bun.
  • Cream and beige textures look elegant with pearl drop earrings. Complete with a neat braid and pink lips.
  • Gold or white colored blouses uplift the ambience of the occasion when paired with ivory or sky blue sarees.


Shivratri Special Saree Collections


At Singhania's, we honour the sanctity of Mahashivratri with an exclusive saree collection featuring unique patterns and embellishments befitting the occasion:

  • Intricate designs depicting om, tridents, serpents and the third eye representing Lord Shiva.
  • Lotus motifs symbolising enlightenment and rebirth rendered in zari work.
  • Subtle striped textures resembling Shiva's meditative vibes.
  • Sarees made using auspicious materials like raw silk and gold thread.
  • Our weavers also recreate the cosmic Mount Kailash or the tranquil Ganges rivers along saree pallus and borders. 


Dress for Shivratri Puja


On Mahashivratri, sarees worn during reverent rituals and prayers should complement the sanctity of the occasion. Singhania's recommends:

  • Breathable cottons or silks in auspicious colors for comfort during long rituals.
  • Unembellished, minimalist sarees so attention remains focused in worship.
  • Avoid heavy fabrics that hinder free movement or require constant managing.
  • Pre-draped sarees like lehengas as shivratri dress allow mobility when performing rituals.
  • Match with subdued jewellery like small studs so energies remain grounded.

Outfit Inspirations for Shivratri Celebrations



Mahashivratri festivities span over three days. Singhania's presents saree-based outfit ideas suitable for different occasions:

Day 1

  • Saree with smart cropped jacket for Bhog ritual.
  • Fusion saree pantsuit for cultural programs.

Day 2

  • Sheer georgette or chiffon saree for Shivratri puja.
  • Embellished saree for night vigils and festivities.

Day 3

  • Lehenga style half-saree for Anyatha pooja.
  • Traditional weave saree for processions and celebrations.

Saree Color Symbolism

The palette of one's Mahashivratri saree bears spiritual significance:

  • White symbolises surrender, virtue, innocence.
  • Sky blue signifies expansive consciousness, stability..
  • Royal blue represents depth, wisdom, tranquillity.
  • Yellow epitomises enlightenment, joy, prosperity.
  • Gold or peach evoke auspiciousness, purity, warmth.


Saree Accessories for Mahashivratri


Elevate the devotional ambience of your Mahashivratri saree with accessories curated specially by Singhania's:

  • Temple jewellery featuring spiritual symbols in gold or silver.
  • Shiva inspired motifs like serpents or tridents on potlis.
  • Malas made using rudraksha, lotus seeds or sandalwood beads.
  • Kolhapuri chappals for ease and comfort during long rituals.
  • Hair adorned minimally with gajras or crystals.
  • Bilva leaf motifs on blouses or pins to offer your devotion.


Mahashivratri's divine vibrations call for us to drape our inner radiance in outward grace and beauty. Singhania's recommends complementing your outfit with items that align with the festival's sanctity. As you unite with Lord Shiva in spirit, let Singhania's sarees adorn you in elegance that complements the occasion's sanctity. Honour this celestial celebration in colors, designs and styles resonating auspiciousness. Om Namah Shivaya!


Questions and Answers

  • Saffron, white, and red are considered auspicious for Mahashivratri sarees.