Radiate Elegance: Women's Day Special Sarees Collection to Celebrate Her Grace

Radiate Elegance: Women's Day Special Sarees Collection to Celebrate Her Grace


International Women's Day on March 8th recognizes the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women globally. This day celebrates womanhood and calls for greater gender equality. For Indian women, draping a sublime saree for womens day is a fitting way to mark this occasion. With its graceful silhouette, vibrant colors and rich fabrics, the saree epitomises the beauty, strength and grace of the feminine spirit.

On Women's Day, women come together adorned in exquisite sarees as a display of solidarity and sisterhood. The saree accentuates the female form while allowing freedom of movement, representing women stepping forward unfettered. Its versatile drapes and diverse designs reflect the multiplicity of women's identities and roles in society. Sarees are also heirlooms passed down generations, connecting women to their roots. This Women's Day, embrace empowerment and elegance by draping yourself in an inspired saree.

Sarees That Reflect Empowerment


This Women's Day, make a bold statement by choosing sarees with colors, fabrics and silhouettes that exude confidence and resilience. Opt for no-nonsense plain silks in bright jewel tones like ruby red or sapphire blue to project conviction. Poplin sarees with minimalist details in neutral earthy tones convey quiet strength and focus.

Drape yourself in ikat or bandhani prints featuring geometric and abstract motifs in contrasting hues. The unique patterns symbolise women charting their own course. Pair simple tussar or raw silks with embroidered or woven borders for a balance of subtlety and charm. The lightweight fabrics flow gracefully with each move, epitomising fluidity and strength.

Don chanderi or organza sarees with intricate zari work to shine bright. The gossamer fabrics and sparkling accents mirror the inner radiance within. Ultimately, choose women's day special sarees this Women's Day that instil a sense of confidence and purpose in you. Their enduring grace and beauty will amplify your aura.

Women's Day Sarees: New Arrivals at Singhania’s


Celebrate the spirit of womanhood this Women's Day with stunning new saree arrivals at Singhania's. Choose from a wide range of vibrant colors, elegant embroideries, and luxurious fabrics like silk, maheshwari, and georgette. Upgrade your wardrobe with floral prints, modern digital prints, and traditional Banarasi weaves.

Make a fashion statement at Women's Day events and parties with Singhania's trendy Ready to Ship sarees featuring designer styles. Look regal in rich Kanjivaram silks or go glamorous in shimmery Tissue Organza. Complete your look with matching jewellery, bags and heels. Visit Singhania's stores or online site to explore the fresh Women's Day saree collection today. Gift yourself and your loved ones something special this Women's Day from Singhania's exquisite saree selection.

Choosing the Right Saree for Women's Day



Picking that special saree for Women's Day requires thoughtfulness. Choose colors like bold reds, vibrant purples or forest greens to portray confidence. Opt for graphic prints featuring abstract motifs, geometric patterns or floral designs for a modern edge. Seek out resilient fabrics like soft cottons, silky tussars or crisp chanderi.

Consider wearing traditional weaves like Kanjeevaram or Banarasi to honour ancestral craftsmanship. Try contemporary renditions like dhoti drapes or even saree gowns for a progressive vibe. Most importantly, pick a saree that you feel uplifted and empowered in. It could be a minimalist bandhani or an heirloom Kanjeevaram. Let your saree speak your unique essence on this day.

Celebrating Diversity


International Women's Day is about inclusivity and diversity. This March 8th, celebrate womanhood in all its colors by draping a women’s day saree that honours different regional cultures. Explore the distinctive Ajrakh block prints of Kutch or the Sambalpuri Ikat weaves in vibrant threads.

Drape yourself in the myriad regional beauty of India with Gujarati bandhani, Chikankari from Lucknow or the Kantha weaves of West Bengal. Contrast a traditional Kanjeevaram with a modern handloom or layer a cheery printed cotton over a traditional Banarasi. Fuse different styles that reflect the complexity of womanhood.

Your saree is a canvas for solidarity. While appreciating your heritage, open yourself to the rich traditions of cultures apart from your own. There is magnificence in diversity. This Women's Day, let your saree represent the collective power of women.

Saree for Womens: Dress for Success


This Women's Day, make a chic workwear statement in a saree as a dress for womens day exuding modern elegance. Opt for no-fuss silks or sustainable Tencel sarees in navy, black or beige for a professional polish. Monochrome sarees with subtle chequered or striped prints project sophistication.

Choose A-line sarees in wrinkle-free fabrics like cotton-silk blends for mobility at hectic events. Pair them with smart formal jackets for power dressing. Rich Kanjeevaram silks in jewelled tones and meenakari borders make strong boardroom style statements.

Complete your look with a well-fitted blouse, low heels, simple jewellery and an organised updo or bun. The graceful femininity of a saree balanced with sharp tailoring allows you to command attention and respect. This Women's Day, flaunt your success and dress for womens day in a saree that means business!

Saree Gifting Ideas for Women's Day


This Women's Day, gift the leading ladies in your life sarees that celebrate their uniqueness. For the nature lover, an Ikat silk saree in earthy hues with delicate botanical motifs fits beautifully. For the minimalist, choose pristine Chanderi cottons in neutral tones.

The boho chic will love breezy flowy georgettes with mirror work while the spiritual one will appreciate calming Chanderi weaves. Pick a traditional Banarasi for the history buff or a trendy fringe saree for the fashionista. Choose colors, patterns and fabrics that resonate with their personality.

Make the saree for womens more special by adding custom touches like embroidering their initials on the saree or presenting it with homemade treats. Your thoughtful saree gift will make them feel cherished while honouring the sisterhood you share.

Sarees are enchanting canvases that tell stories of culture, womanhood and empowerment. This International Women's Day, drape yourself in an inspired saree to celebrate the collective spirit of women. Honour the diversity of identities, professions and backgrounds yet recognize your shared sisterhood.

Gift yourself self-love and radiate joy. The future is female and on this day we come together, sarees swaying in solidarity, to continue marching ahead boldly. With elegance and courage, persist in speaking your truth. Your saree is just the start of this journey.


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  • Yes, opt for subtle colors like pastels or neutral tones in professional fabrics like cotton or silk for Women's Day in a professional setting.