Singhania's Is Hosting An Annual Sale: Paithani Edition

Singhania's Is Hosting An Annual Sale: Paithani Edition - Singhania's

Singhania's are always on an urge to look beyond looks and styles. The significance one traditional craft can bring to the table is far from what any fashion trend will ever achieve. We believe in curating attires that will matter for many upcoming years. A saree is not just part of your wardrobe decor but is a replica of who you are and what you stand for. The saree is a woven 6-yard-long legacy that will get passed on to generations and eventually becomes a significant part of your family heritage.

The queen of Maharashtrian weaving, the monarch of every Maharashtrian bride, the grandeur Paithani saree is an attire of pride. From the Paithan village of Maharashtra to this world celebrated beauty, the journey of Paithani is as unique as Paithani itself. Paithani weave is an incredibly lengthened and skill-based weave. The pure silk and the intricately woven zari motifs and patterns make the Paithani saree even more exclusive and expensive.

Singhania's Annual Heritage Sale is here with a prime opportunity to grab an exclusive handwoven Paithani saree just for you. The Flat 50% off offer allows you to pick any authentic Paithani saree from the sale stock and complete your wardrobe collection. And to help you more in this blog, we are going to take a peek at some curators picks from the Annual Heritage Sales Paithani Collection.

Singhania’s Mango Yellow Paithani Saree With Floral Pattern

We open the house of Singhania's portico with a very traditional and cherished Mango Yellow Paithani Saree. We believe this paithani is made for a daydreamer personality. Somebody who knows exactly what they want from their life, the one who knows the true meaning of happiness. Filled with hues of delight and vigorous colours of joy, this paithani will definitely bring pleasantness. Inspired by nature and woven with precision makes it one of a kind, just like you.

This mango yellow paithani silk saree carries an intricate floral jaal pattern all over the body. The floral and leaf design exhibits their own unique and vibrant colour giving additional flavours to the classic weave. The chirping bird motifs have their own remarkable attraction, it's a very time-consuming weave, but when the ends look like this it's all worth it. The border and pallu of the saree carry the muniya motifs giving it an authentic paithani essence. This saree is not just appealing to the eyes but pleasing to drape as well.

Singhania’s Pastel Peach Embroidered Paithani Saree

A pastel peach hand embroidered Paithani silk beauty is a fusion delight expressing enthusiasm and love. This exclusive Paithani is curated with hand embroidery and foil print artistry. Its intricate embroidery work brings us floral jaal patterns in a very serene tone. If you look closely you will see a lot of fun happening in the saree design, how the synchronised floral and creeper pattern paisley motifs will play peek-a-boo, and how the chevron pattern adds new depth to the design.

The border of this captivating saree exhibits the auspicious temple border. The optimistic munia motifs on this illuminating border give the blessings of our culture and rituals. While the parrot designs and muniya motifs on the pallu embellish this saree very exceptionally.

We hope and believe that this contemporary Paithani silk saree will become a part of your family heirloom traditions, and your upcoming generations will relive these happy moments prosperously.

Singhania’s Fusion Mukaish Paithani Saree

We at Singhania's endeavour to bring you one of the finest collections, with all the traditional values and essences of the lands, we have always tried to stun you, and today is no other day. We present to you a Haldi yellow Mukaish Paithani Saree. The journey of this fusion saree is filled with experiences. Blending both exclusive weaving styles with each other yet giving each craft its own individuality.

Mukaish is a style of embellishment work in which a strip of metallic wire is inserted into the fabric and then twisted to create metallic embroidery. With determined and creative practices, our weavers have mastered the art of Mukaish work. The uniqueness of the saree is its Mukaish work of floral and geometrical patterns that are curated with metallic dots and are locally known as the Fardi Ka Kaam. While the parrot motifs and muniya motifs that embellish the border and pallu are woven by interlocking and tying the colored threads to the warp of the loom, it gives the colours a hype and a vibrant essence while draping it.

Singhania's Printed Pastel Blue Paithani Saree

Dazzling in a printed saree is the new style statement, so we decided to take it one step further. How about curating a contemporary paithani saree with the charm and drama of floral prints? So with that thought, here we are presenting you, our house's favourite Pastel Blue Printed Paithani saree. We hope you will love and cherish this master beauty and have fun with it as much as we did while curating it.

The amalgamation of two eminent styles. While glancing at this printed floral intricacy, you can see the trails of Paithani leverage. A Printed Pastel Blue Paithani Saree inspired by the hues of Paithan village. This Paithani beauty is embellished with a printed floral jaal pattern across the body. The uniqueness of this beauty is its meenakari artistry. The meenakari is curated with the traditional colours of every authentic Paithani saree and gives it a glare all over it, and the temple border finishes the weaving work over the body with finesse. The munia over the border and pallu are woven in zari, finishing the look with contrast red edging. This glorious union of sacred traditions will bestow you with a fascinated marvy essence.

Pale Blue Paithani Kota Silk Saree With Embroidery Work

Pale Blue Paithani Kota Silk Saree With Embroidery Work. A combination of cotton and silk weaved in a square check pattern, this saree is adorned with silk lustre, while cotton carries its strength and gives a vigorous nature to it. The diagonal stripes pattern with sequined embroidered floral buttas is an enriched design all over the body.

The Muniya Paithani pallu, the Muniya(female parrot) is the signature weave of traditional Paithani. The pink and green parrot motifs bring the pallu its glimmer. The simple yet elegant floral and leafy motifs enhance the joy of draping this Kota Silk Paithani even more.

In the end, knowing the journey of any craft and curating something new out of it is always a fun thing to do. Paithani will always have a special place in Singhania's heart and wardrobe, it's time you also fill your wardrobe with this fun and exciting drape. The paithani sarees are not just a style statement but a very traditionally rich weave as well. So we welcome you all to explore the Singhania's Paithani Collection, especially during this Annual heritage Sale Season 2022.

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