Singhania's Annual Sale: The Ultimate Sale for Handloom Sarees in 2022

Singhania's Annual Sale: The Ultimate Sale for Handloom Sarees in 2022 - Singhania's

A Handloom Saree is a true heritage and soul of Indian culture. Handloom is not just a mechanism here, the significance of it goes far beyond that. A symbol of our country's rich and varied cultural heritage and is an influential basis of livelihood in rural and semi-rural parts of our country. It is also a sector that directly addresses women's empowerment, with over 70% of all weavers and artisans being a woman.

The nature of any handloom saree showcases its significance in the weave itself. You can feel the uneven surface steering its ethnic appeal. Handloom sarees are often soft in texture and more resilient than the power-loom sarees that carry a perfect flow while lacking the allure of handloom. With over 42 clusters, numerous spinning divisions, printing clusters, and embroidery units, 2,500 weavers and master weavers across India are part of Singhania's heritage. Our strength facilitates us to give you the sense of authentic handloom sarees and make you fall in love with Handloom Saree over and over!!!

Singhania's Annual Heritage Sale is here with an excellent collection of Handloom sarees from versatile parts of the entire nation. This Sale is your grand opportunity to grab any exclusive handwoven saree according to your style and comfort. The Flat 50% off offer allows you to pick any authentic saree from the sale stock and complete your wardrobe collection. And to help you more in this blog, we are going to take a peek at some curators picks from the Annual Heritage Sales Handloom Collections.

Singhania’s Handloom Lavender Banarasi Silk Beauty.

A handwoven Banarasi saree embodies ethnic values and traditions. The legacy of this immortal beauty has proven that true artistry never dies. It evolves with time and lives forever. In the annual heritage sale 2022, Singhanias have brought you Banarasi sarees that spread the fragrance of your allure by its charismatic flow. You might not believe us, so here let's check for yourself.

 Handloom Banarasi sarees are timeless beauties, and this lavender Banarasi silk establishes that once again. Flourishing with each passing day, this Banarasi beauty is destined for eminence. The woven delicacy of meenakari work and gold zari artistry over the stunning floral jaal designs across the soothing body of silk truly brings out the sheen of Banaras heritage. Embrace yourself to get lost in the allure of gold filled over the border and pallu as well.

Singhania’s Handloom Lime Green Jamdani Silk Beauty

A contemporary take on the classic jamdani weave curated in handloom with the strewed modern influence. Our house's favourite, this lime green jamdani saree is really one of its kind. We hope you will adore and treasure this master beauty and have fun with it as much as we did while curating it. 

We believe you will embrace this beautiful Light green jamdani beauty by draping it on festive occasions. The uniqueness of this beauty is its meenakari artistry. The meenakari is curated with the pastel colours of life. The floral motif pattern manifests with the pleasing zari woven hexagon patterns. While the border on this beauty is adorned with a temple border, the mesmerising pallu is on the pinnacle of gold zari mastery.

Singhania’s Treasured Handloom Patan Patola Charm

All the colours are the embellishment of the earth. The love for a daily reminder that life is too short for regret. We have curated a colourful master weave for that moment to be more breathtaking. When you are happy, the day feels delighting, and the warmth of the sun deems a cosy touch. In the form of an authentic handloom Patan Patola saree, we have brought you the hues of vibrance.
We gladly present to you a snow-white Patan Patola silk saree with multi-colored patterns of classic patola weave. This patola saree is adorned with intricate embroidery artistry. The saree embodies the values of peace, harmony, and sophistication. The uniqueness of the ikat patola is that if you flip it, the patterns will look the same on both sides. The intricate Vora Gaji motif and classic patola patterns will delight you no matter which side you are looking at. And the vibrant red around the border and pallu with gleaming gold zari work seizes all the attention and blossoms the allure of this saree.

Singhania’s Storyteller: Handpainted Kalamkari Charm

A handpainted kalamkari saree narrates remarkably intricate and captivating scenery on its allure. It is believed that Kalamkari was first used to portray scenes from holy books such as the Mahabharata, Ramayana, and Bhagavatam. With earthy colours of natural dyes, an artisan can display all his imagination in a 6-yard-long canvas that we all know as the kalamkari saree. And in our annual heritage sale, we are showcasing some of Singhania’s kalamkari online sale sarees with stunning paintwork and scenery.

We present to you an earthy orange hand painted kalamkari saree. This saree is specifically curated in the checks pattern with two very expressive colours, earthy blue and earthy orange. This saree is an amalgamation of calmness and warmth. The blue gives a subtle touch, while the orange creates a vitalizing and adventurous essence. The floral and peacock patterns painted across this kalamkari beauty enrich and define the Srikalahasti Kalamkari artistry. The deity portrayal of lord Krishna and Radha delivers a surreal essence to this mesmerising beauty.

Singhania’s Fusion Handloom Patola Paithani Saree

If you are looking to steal everyone’s attention, then don’t look beyond the one-of-a-kind fusion patola paithani saree that is made to perfection. The fun about draping a contemporary saree is you get to discern both experiences. The classic patola weave gives it a monarchial experience while the diagonal stripes add a little more fun element to the saree.

This scintillating shade of blue patola handloom silk saree fascinates everyone through its weaving style. Making the whole look seem graceful. The saree is adorned with fun and joyful diagonal stripes leading towards the temple border. The paithani border and pallu woven in gold zari add a sense of edge to it. The Muniya Paithani pallu, the Muniya(female parrot) is the signature weave of traditional Paithani. The purple and green parrot motifs bring the pallu its glimmer. The simple yet elegant red backdrop with fountain design enhances the joy of draping this patola Paithani even more.

Singhania’s Bandhani Georgette Saree With Hand Woven Floral Jaal Pattern

A traditional tie and dye craft curating one of the most beautiful and delicate dotted patterns on sarees. Bandhani's craft is learned, observed, and passed down from one family member to another. The craft clusters in Rajasthan and Gujrat are still practised among families. The lustrous gold zari in the floral patterns on the saree enhances the Bandhej artistry.
This handloom blush red Bandhani darling is embellished with delicate tied and dyed dotted patterns all over the saree adorned with multi-colored floral jaal patterns woven all over the saree. The blossoming floral jaal on this classic weaving style cherishes the beauty of this Bandhani beauty. With the festive season just around the corner, it's a great time to invest in a traditional designer bandhani saree to slay any occasion.

The handloom Sarees will never go out of style and so our love for them. With our enormous cluster family, we urge you to join us in the voyage of sustaining the handloom classic sarees with pride and honour. We are expressing our homage in the language we know the best, so we offer you all the FLat 50% off offer, not just to enhance your shopping experience but to be an undividable part of our legacy.