The Family of Clusters.

With the enduringexpansion of the company, we are also devoted to our commitments to clusters.Providing a sustainable livelihood for artisans and contributing to the well-being of the weavers and their families, communities, and eventuallysociety is one of the prior agendas of Singhania's. Over 42 clusters, numerousspinning divisions, printing clusters, and embroidery units, and 2,500 weaversand master weavers across India, Singhania's household is growing everydaylight.

The Intervention in Crafts

Culture and craft is going hand in hand for decades, and artisans get inspiration from their surroundings. Nature, sculpture, and mythical tales are the seeds of many craft styles. Singhania's intervention in crafts and clusters is an initiation to help artisans understand the contemporary trends and new propensities. Preserving the authentic weaves and thriving its eminence by intervening with state-of-the-art curations and trends is Singhania's vision.

Our devoted section of designers is profound and skilled in the virtu of crafts and trends. The practical experiences of working with clusters and contemporary tones for years made our design team invincible.

The intervention in crafts has led us to curate designs and patterns that suit every individual's liking and the demands of any occasion.

The intervention in crafts has led us to curate designs and patterns that suit every individual's liking and the demands of any occasion.

Foraying in Fusion

We at Singhanias invariably compel our boundaries to bring you the hues of the entire nation. With all the traditional values and significance of the lands, we endeavor to bring you one of the finest attires. The journey of fusion crafts is filled with trails of ancestry and experiences. Blending the different weaving styles with each other yet delivering each craft its own identity brings out the profound skill of the artisan and the beauty of crafts

Our handloom weavers have curated attires beyond belief. We curate each and every fusion saree withtenderness and as a tribute to authentic weaves and styles. Each fusion sareeis unique and authentic in its own way. The crafts we have chosen hold theirown charm, and their fusion is an absolute delight to drape.

ย The majestic craft of Gujarat interlocking its threads with the pride of Maharashtra, thehand-painted charm of Andhra Pradesh sharing the center stage with the grandeurof Tamil Nadu. Kalamkari Kanjivaram, Ikat Bandhani, Bandhani Kanjivaram, PatolaKanjivaram, Banarasi Paithani, Embroidered Kota Paithani, Mukaish Paithani, andmany more. Through our fusions, we have amalgamated south and north Indiancrafts, weaving styles, motifs, and patterns altogether.

These crafts have taughtus a lot while interacting with various weavers and their families, discussingthe future of these crafts and arts, and entering their world they became thetorchbearer for us and showed us the true insight of being an Artisan.