All You Need To Know About Kanjivaram Silk Saree

All You Need To Know About Kanjivaram Silk Saree
Kanchipuram is a city of old traditions and new aesthetics. Woven by master weavers who are the descendants of Sage markhendeya, kanjivaram sarees are the sacred attires of celebratory occasions. When you feel the silken weaves of the Kanjivaram, you are holding a craft that has been thriving for ages. The Saga of the deity Kanjivaram is eternal. The Kanjivaram sarees curated with scintillating designs and impeccable perfection will capture the gazes of delight. The unique silk hues of these masteries had come together to curate the magical sight. We adore Kanchipuram master weavers, and we hope you embrace these hues with love. 


The deity land of Kanchipuram is famous for silk and is eminent as the city of thousand temples. Depicting the ambiance of divinity and simplicity, Kanchipuram has intertwined religion and weaving in its tinges. In this 'All You Need To Know About Kanjivaram Silk Saree' blog, we are going to bestow you with the sacred insight and history of Kanjivaram sarees with the inspiring hints of nature, architecture, and sculptures of Kanchipuram. So embrace yourself for a journey with Singhania's Hyderabad in exploring loved and cherished authentic Singhanias Kanjivaram sarees.

What Is A Kanjivaram?

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Kanjivaram sarees are a traditional form of silk saree from India, typically made in the state of Tamil Nadu. They are known for their bright colours and elaborate designs, which often incorporate gold and silver thread. Kanjivaram sarees are usually made from a heavier type of silk known as kanchipuram silk, which is why they are sometimes referred to as kanjivaram silk sarees. The term "kanjivaram" itself actually refers to the town of Kanchipuram, where the saree originates.


Kanjivaram sarees are typically quite expensive, due to the high quality of the silk and the intricate designs. They are often seen as a status symbol and are therefore popular among Indian women of all social classes. In recent years, however, kanjivaram sarees have become more accessible to international markets, making them a popular choice for Indian brides getting married abroad as well.

Origin And History Of  Kanjivaram

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In the old days, around the 15th century, South India emerged as one of the most prestigious crafts. The weaving of Kanchipuram silk. In this contemporary world, we all treasure and cherish our near and dear Kanjivaram silk saree, but the origin and history of Kanjivaram is as fascinating as its weave. 


The origins of Kanjivaram sarees can be traced back to Hindu mythology. It is said that the Kanjivaram Weavers are descendants of the sage Markandeya, who, ages ago, worshipped Lord Shiva and wove cloths from lotus fibre for the deities themselves. Throughout yore, this magnificent weaving practice flourished in view of the fact that royal patronage, from the seventh century onwards, helped the town grow in prominence under the rule of the Pallava dynasty. Kanchipuram was their capital from the sixth century onward.


In the sangam era, the cotton cloth woven in Kanchipuram was exported to the Roman Empire and was significantly valued. Therefore, Kanchipuram has been renowned for its dual silhouettes, first as the city for its divinity known as a city of thousand temples as well as an important weaving cluster of India for more than 1500 years.


Types Of Kanjivaram Saree

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Kanjivaram sarees are one of India’s desired sarees. These traditional hand-woven sarees feature intricately woven designs in rich colours and textures, making them a timeless favourite for brides and women from all walks of life. With different types and cultural significance, Kanjivaram sarees are available in a versatile way. 


The classic Kanjivarams,  This type of saree is typically made from silk and features a traditional design with heavy gold, silver, even copper zari work over the border and pallu. The korvai weaving technique is heavily used in this type of kanjivarams. The Modern Kanjivaram, as the name suggests, this type of saree is more modern in design, often featuring a lighter feel. Many fusions with the kanjivaram craft get involved in the weaving of the contemporary kanjivarams.


The Designer Kanjivaram : These sarees are created by top designers and often feature intricate designs and luxurious fabrics. While the bridal or Wedding Kanjivarams are usually made from silk and are heavily embellished with gold or silver threadwork. Usually, Kanjivarams sarees zari work is mostly over border and pallu, but the bridal sarees 6 yards are gleaming with the mastery of zari work artistry.  


Identification Of A Kanjivaram Silk Saree

In the Kanjivarams, the Korvai is the traditional technique that carries the oldest beliefs. It's very important to know that you picked the right one. The handcrafted saree will have slight alterations, which is the first and foremost thing to notice. Run your fingers along the joining of the borders, you will feel knots and mild imperfections. This is the symbol of a true korvai. 


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There are a few other ways to identify original kanjivaram sarees as well, lustre test, ring test, burn test, zari test, etc. 


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Weaving Process of Kanjivaram 


The most common type of Kanjivaram saree is the plain weave, which is created by interlacing the warp and weft threads in a simple over-under pattern. The saree can also be woven in a variety of other patterns, such as the checks and stripes of the kalamkari style, or the geometric designs of the temple border sarees.
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Kanjivaram sarees are usually brightly coloured and adorned with gold zari thread, which gives them their characteristic sheen. The sarees are often decorated with intricate designs, such as floral motifs or scenes from Hindu mythology.
Kanjivaram sarees are traditionally worn by married women in South India and are considered to be auspicious for special occasions such as weddings and festivals.

Kanjivaram Design And Pattern

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We at Singhanias preserve the tradition in the exquisite hues of 6-yard-long sarees. These traditional sarees are tales of cultures from the treatise of time. Uncloaking these weaving crafts brings us enriched motifs and patterns from the past. We are going to bestow you with the sacred Motifs And Patterns of Kanjivaram sarees with the inspiring hints of nature, architecture, and sculptures of Kanchipuram. So embrace yourself for a journey with Singhania's treasured and cherished Kanjivaram motifs and patterns.
An emblem of pride and prestige, the Mayil (peacock) motif is an ancient motif and a companion of Kanjivaram sarees for eternity. Being the secular symbol of beauty, love, romance, and life itself, mayil is ruling over a million hearts.
The winged horse is a predominant feature of the mandapams of temples in south India, from which Kanjivaram weavers have drawn inspiration for different motifs. The winged horse is a symbol of freedom, power, and eternal integrity.
The maanga motif has a prominent place in Indian mythology. This austere shape of maanga is also known as paisley. The uniqueness of this remarkable motif is its simple yet enchanting design and the symbolic meaning behind it. As a symbol of prosperity, abundance, and richness, the maanga motif has conquered its place in the Kanjivaram saree heirloom. 
Iruthalai Pakshi is believed to be a mighty celestial bird with two heads monitoring all directions. It has deep-rooted mythological significance and is referred to as Gandabherunda. Iruthalai Pakshi is a symbol of triumph and glory and has been a part of Kanjivaram motifs since the time immemorial.
Singhanias saree is the household name for authentic handloom Kanjivaram sarees. We have curated each and every Kanjivaram saree with love and as a tribute to our culture. With us, you can buy all varieties of Kanjivaram sarees, Kanchipuram silk sarees without zari, Kanchipuram silk sarees online with stone work, sarees for every occasion, and sarees that feel pleased while dazzling the world.

How to Maintain your Authentic Kanjivaram Sarees


Over time, the Kanjivaram heirloom artistry is becoming rare and periodic. The pure silk and handloom sarees have become a splendid luxury and a souvenir of pride. These authentic silk and handloom sarees are exquisite and reminisce the weaving clusters of this land. The enormous amount of time and precision the weaving process takes for these sarees defines the venerable value of the sarees. The following are ways to keep your Kanjivaram silk and handloom sarees safe and rejuvenating.


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Store the Silk Sarees in Cotton Bags, Cotton is a soft, cool, and known breathable fiber fabric. It allows air to pass and protects the saree's zari work from oxidation. These cotton bags preserved your sarees from getting snagged with other fabrics. Refold your silk sarees once in a few months. If you keep the saree in the same fold for a long time, then it might tear near the folding lines. Refolding your exclusive woven silks with zari every three months helps to avoid settling and fading on the creases.  Use hangers to keep your saree wrinkles free, Folding the saree might put wrinkles on it. Using hangers will keep your saree wrinkles free. But if you are going to use hangers, then make sure you use wooden hangers instant of metal once. The metal hanger will put rust stains on the saree, and we are sure you don't want that on your dearest silk saree. Keep the sarees in a cold and dark place to prevent fading or discoloration. You have to make certain that the silk saree is not in direct sunlight exposure. Sunlight not only weakens the fabric but also fades the dyes in the cloth


Kanjivaram Sarees In Today's Competitive Textile


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In the past, Kanjivaram sarees were typically only worn by married women and were seen as a symbol of status and wealth. Today, however, Kanjivaram sarees are worn by women of all ages and backgrounds. They are no longer seen as just a traditional garment, but as a fashionable and stylish choice for many affairs. Kanjivaram sarees are now available in a wide variety of colours, designs, and fabrics. They can be purchased online or in stores, and there is something to suit every taste and budget. Whether you're looking for a traditional saree or something more modern and trendy, you're sure to find what you're looking for with Kanjivaram sarees. 


The fusion Kanjivaram sarees have taken this game to a new level. Where crafts are blending and the new artistry is celebrated by millions. Kanjivaram is still holding its own unique identity. Kanjivaram is an immortal craft and a magical weave. After so many years passed by, we still believe it will thrive and enrich the draping experience of many upcoming generations. 


Singhanias saree is the household name for authentic handloom Kanjivaram sarees. We have curated each and every Kanjivaram saree with love and as a tribute to our culture. With us, you can buy all varieties of Kanjivaram sarees, Kanchipuram silk sarees without zari, Kanchipuram silk sarees with stone work, sarees for every occasion, and sarees that feel pleased while dazzling the world.