Kanjivaram Saree - Making, Types, and Specialty

Kanjivaram Saree - Making, Types, and Specialty
The origin of Kanjivaram sarees has its foundations firmly rooted in Hindu mythology. These exquisite handwoven sarees are believed to have been created by Sage Markandeya, the revered ascetic who dedicated himself to the worship of Lord Shiva. He is said to have weaved cloth made of lotus fiber, a gift to the gods, from which the fabric we now revere as Kanjivaram Silk was born. The rise in popularity of Kanjivaram sarees happened during the Pallava dynasty‚Äôs rule beginning in the seventh century. Kanchipuram, now popularly known as the ‚ÄėSilk City of India‚Äô, was their capital. The grand fortifications made the city a hub for trade, drawing visitors from all around the world who marveled at the beauty of the silk and popularized it.¬†

Today, Kanchipuram sarees are worn not only in India but also around the world, a fascinating testimony to the lengths to which humankind’s creativity knows no bounds. The intricate artistry involved in the creation of these sarees of Kanchipuram continues to be a source of great pride to its weavers. Whether draped around brides on their special day or worn by anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their outfit, Kanjeevaram silk sarees are a specialty of Kanchipuram and have made their mark firmly in history.

Thus, over centuries and millennia, the traditional craft of Kanjivaram silk sarees has come a long way. With the dedication of the weavers, improved technology, and the spirit of innovation, the unique intricacy behind Kanjivaram saree specialty remains unparalleled.




Types of Kanjivaram Silk Sarees from Singhanias


The Kanchipuram saree is truly a work of art. Despite its age, the saree has been able to stand the test of time, with its beautiful and intricate designs remaining popular amongst Indian women. If you are looking for something unique and eye-catching to wear for a special occasion, then a Kanchipuram saree should definitely be on your list! Today’s blog is all about the types of Kanjivaram Sarees! We’ll explore the different patterns, designs, and colors available, so you can pick the perfect Kanjivaram saree for your special occasion. Let’s get started with the types of Kanchipuram silk sarees!


Triple Border Kanjivaram Silk Sarees Online

The temple border motif is often seen in countless varieties of Kanchipuram sarees, upholstering the entire pallu in its sharp petals of glory. It comes in various subtle yet enticing hues ‚Äď from bright and vibrant orange to subtle shades of Orange and blue. Each hue is chosen on the basis of its suitability in the particular saree and the vibrancy it brings to the wearer.



Pelli Pattu Sarees online shopping

When it comes to finding the perfect saree for your special occasion, a traditional Kanchipuram silk saree is the one-stop destination for all your bridal saree needs. So, let us bring to you a collection of traditional kanjivaram sarees that are made with utmost love and care. Buy your favorite hued traditional kanjivaram saree look from our wedding collection and make your muhurta more special and memorable. 



Temple Border Kanjivaram Silk Sarees online shopping

Handcrafted with pure luxury and class, this plain Kanchipuram silk saree with mesmerizing pink hues is the epitome of beauty. The vibrant plain Kanchipuram silk saree is complemented by the self-gold zari border of the temple design elevating the whole look. The self-gold zari border is a work of art and gleams with artistically crafted temple patterns!


Silver zari Kanjivaram Silk Sarees online Shopping


This collection takes inspiration from the classical look, but with a contemporary twist. It celebrates the fusion of old and new, making it easy to stay on trend without sacrificing your personal style. Every piece has been carefully crafted with sumptuous silk to create a look that’s both luxurious and timeless. Whether you’re dressing up for a formal affair, or simply want something to add a touch of timeless sophistication to your casual wardrobe, the Contemporary Kanchipuram silk saree Collection has something to offer.


Pink Kanjivaram Silk sarees online shopping


For those who would love to experiment with not-so-minimal design in festive apparel, this enigmatic pink floral kanjivaram silk saree is the prime choice among the masses. Though modest in design, it has unbeatable compelling floral motifs to spark a unique kind of grandeur in you. Seize your closet game to the next level with the impeccable fine zari threads. As you can now grab the floral woven kanjivaram silk saree collection and ace your bridal look with this scintillating kanjivaram silk saree and mesmerize everyone at the festive gathering!