How To Identify The Authenticity Of Kanchipuram Silk Sarees?

how to identify kanjivaram saree

Kanchipuram silk has always been known for its fine quality, intricate designs, and rich colors. However, with increasing numbers of counterfeit products, it can be difficult to differentiate between authentic and fake products. This blog post will provide you with some tips on how to identify pure kanchipuram silk saree! In this blog, we will be exploring How To Identify The Pure Silk Saree

Factors On How To Identify Authentic Kanchipuram Silk Saree


original silver zari saree

Are you a silk saree adorer looking for tips to make sure your saree is genuine? One of the simplest ways to determine if your Kanjivaram silk saree is genuine is to do the Zari test. To test the real zari, simply scratch your saree's zari and if red threads appear after scratch, it is pure gold zari. On the other hand, when you scratch fake Kanchipuram sarees, white threads may appear. This simple yet reliable test will help you make the right decision about investing in authentic and Pure Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees.


kanjivaram silk saree

When it comes to testing the authenticity of your kanchi silk sarees, the burn test is one of the oldest and most reliable methods. This simple test will help you determine if your saree is made of genuine silk or an imitation. To perform the burn test, carefully cut some loose threads from your saree, bundle them up, and then set them aflame. Once the smoke comes out, smell it. Detecting a sulfur-like smell, along with some ashes is likely that your saree is made of genuine silk.


kanjivaram silk

Are you looking to buy a Kanchipuram saree? Do you want to check whether it’s an Original Kanjivaram saree or not? If yes, there’s a simple way to do it. An authentic Kanchipuram saree is made from pure mulberry silk, which is different in texture when compared to imitations. If you rub your palm on a pure Kanchipuram saree, you will feel its softness within a few seconds. Whereas, imitation Kanchipuram sarees will not feel the same and there will be no change in the temperature. 


kanchipuram silk sarees

Do you want to make sure that you are buying the best of the best? One of the best ways to determine the luster of a Kanjeevaram saree is by looking at it in the sunlight. The saree will shine brighter than any artificial or man-made fabric. Make sure to observe the sarees shine from different angles, before passing them off as real or fake.


kanchipuram silk weavers


A Pure Kanchipuram saree is handwoven and will have an uneven weaving pattern when noticed carefully. However, power loom-made fake Kanchipuram will be even and accurately woven. Besides, you can turn over the pure Kanchipuram silk saree to analyze handweaving patterns. A handwoven saree will be smooth from the wrong side as compared to the fake ones.


silk hallmark

Pure Kanchipuram sarees are a magnificent epitome of true Indian craftsmanship. These sarees are handwoven by master weavers using natural mulberry silk and are renowned for their intricate kanjivaram silk saree designs and superior quality. And now, with Silkmark certification, you can be sure that the saree you buy is of pure authentic quality. Silk mark is a government certification specifically for pure silk kanjivaram sarees, ensuring that you get nothing but the best.


saree which passes through ring

To identify a genuine Kanjivaram Silk Saree, the best and the most fail-proof test is to try the ‘Ring Test’. The ring test is a very simple yet effective method of determining whether a Kanjivaram saree is authentic or not. All you need to do is take a standard ring and try to pass it through the entire length of the silk saree. A Kanjivaram saree that passes through the wedding ring without much resistance is an original one.


kanjivaram silk saree

Buying a pure Kanjeevaram silk saree is an investment, and you should make sure that you do your research before you make your purchase. Take the time to check the edges, the pallu, and the threads, and you can be sure that you’re getting a high-quality saree that will last for years.

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